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Name:   Run 1652 - VV Barbecue Run

Date:   Monday, November 2nd 2015

Hares:   VV and Tampax

Yum, yum ! Time for another VV hamburger barbecue.

Location:   Hwy 3240 - Map Prachan North shore

GPS:   12°56'59.35"N 100°58'22.35"E - download kmz file (Google Earth)

On-On Bar:   Nicky's Pub

See also the Receding Hareline

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Pattaya Transport: We provide transport to the A-Site. We gather starting 3:00PM at the Buffalo Bar on 3rd Road near Soi Lengke. Buses leave as they are filled; last bus leaves promptly at 3:30PM. Click here for location and details.

A-Site Mis-Directions (For those with own transport)
From Pattaya Klang head North on Sukhumvit 1.5 km to Hwy 7. Continue on Hwy 7 for 3.3 km to Hwy 3240 and exit North. Make U-turn as soon as possible and head back over Hwy 7. Continue on Hwy 3240 for 4.6 km from the flyover to the North shore of Map Phrachan. On the right you will see a dirt track (HHH), follow this for 200m to the A-Site.

Run 1652 Map

Note: Regard all km readings as approximate to be used in conjunction with the ‘HHH’ signs.
Please note that maps are orientated with ‘North’ at top unless otherwise specified.